SPS is developing it’s own products!!

During the 18 years SPS has been in business, it has developed a hugely diverse range of products for its customers. These have covered mW to MW (careful with the capitalisation!!) in areas such as Medical, Automotive, White Goods, Oil & Gas, Railways and Industrial. All of them have a general theme of using electronics to control power and ususally with software.  SPS has a very straightforward commercial model with respect to the design rights – if you pay for it you own it!! In all cases to date, our customers have chosen to own the design.

Over the years we have seen a few niche opportunities that we have wondered whether we should exploit independently. We believe now is the time to do this but of course being careful not to compete with our customers and making sure we still have enough resource to properly look after them. We will be initially focusing on products we can manufacture ourselves but also looking at designs we could licence or subcontract if volumes are higher.

When we are further down the road with these in-house products, we will be publishing some details and looking for early adopters. Meanwhile, if you can think of a niche power related product that you can see a need for then please do get in contact.