SPS Utilises Rapid Prototyping Controls Again

SPS is making great use of its general purpose power conversion controls platform again. This was initially developed as part of a Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) part-funded project in 2009 – with TSB funding this meant the IP was retained by SPS. The controls platform was developed to allow rapid prototyping of systems for customers in the initial proof of concept phase. For the TSB project it allowed SPS to implement a very specific motor control hybrid vehicle requirement. The platform has been invaluable on numerous projects allowing us to use existing building blocks to rapidly prove out initial concepts to customers with low risk and cost. Once the concept is proven, a lower cost targeted implementation can then be developed. The current use is on a 50kW compact static power conversion application.

We are already in the process of revamping this controls platform to take advantage of the latest generation of microcontrollers and to also incorporate additional robustness and flexibility so that it can be used in lower volume niche applications for the manufacturing side of the business. We hope to be able to report on that progress in Q2 16 and publish a full specification.

BSI carry out ISO9001:2008 stage 1 audit

Following on from a positive “pre certification audit”, BSI have now carried out the stage 1 formal external audit to ISO9001:2008 which focuses on the Quality Manual in particular. No non-conformities were found but a few suggestions for improvements have been taken on board and the scope of the QMS expanded to include servicing and maintenance activities.