More kit for the lab

We have recently made one of our most expensive equipment purchases in order to expand our validation testing capabilities and improve our efficiency. This is a bidirectional (source or sink) power supply that is capable of both AC and DC operation. This 30kVA / 800VDC / 510 V L-L unit also allows single or 3 phase outputs to be generated with huge flexibility in terms of both steady-state and transient waveforms. We have been looking to purchase such a unit for a while and our Technical Partner Dr. Charlie Elliott spent a lot of time researching what was available on the market. In the end we are delighted to say that an independent Spanish company called Cinergia were selected. The unit has clearly been designed by practising power electronics engineers who know exactly what is required on the user interface, communications (Ethernet and CAN) and advanced DSP based controls. The unit has already been used for testing a high efficiency motor drive system. It will also be used for production testing some high energy storage “ultra capacitor” systems in the near future and no doubt plenty of other projects moving forward.