Hand in hand with the modern trend and emphasis on improved efficiency and our application experience, we have been driven to keep abreast of advances in the power electronics industry. This includes component material improvements, novel power circuit topologies, increased microprocessor speeds and additional peripherals, component miniaturisation allowing more compact integrated packaging solutions and evolving complex embedded control algorithms. We have the tools and experience to develop interactive communications interfaces with the overall application system controller based on a variety of serial communications protocols (CAN, UART, SPI etc.). We also have the ability to develop ‘in the field’ bootloader based serial communications microprocessor re-programming capability as well as data logging and capture for in the field fault diagnosis.

Our team of multidisciplinary skilled engineers have vast experience in all aspects of power electronics implementation. They have extensive expertise in specialist motor drives for all motor technologies (including advanced position sensorless techniques for brushless motor drives), as well as static power conversion ranging from DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, bi-directional power flow, low and high voltage (3.3v to 1000v+ DC link).

Grid-tied Inverters/AFE
Custom/Digital Power Supplies
Multi-Level/Resonant Converters
Brushless Motor Drives
Integrated Motor Drives
Embedded Control