Having many years involvement developing custom power electronics solutions in the motor drive and power supply industry for both novel ‘blue sky’ concept and real world volume products, our staff have been exposed to a diverse range of applications, at differing voltage and power levels. Advances in power electronics technology has made it an essential, key discipline in the modern world requirements of improved efficiency and as such is finding its way into all industries, power and volume levels.

We have experience working on applications from very low power medical devices to high volume consumer and home appliance ancillaries, including energy recovery and micro CHP generation into the mains grid.  We have also worked on novel and high volume automotive enhancements (including fuel pump drivers, starter-generators/engine assist, exhaust recovery and turbo compounding , hybrid and full EV). This has been carried out for a number of well known OEMs and Tier 1 companies for both passenger vehicles and ‘on highway trucks’ as well as motor sports applications (including Formula 1). We also have significant experience in high power industrial applications including drives for mining, voltage optimisation, power conditioning and even rail traction auxiliaries.

This breadth of experience gives us a unique insight and understanding of the subtleties and differing constraints of each different application, whether it be optimisation for high volume low cost, optimised for maximum efficiency or size and the trade offs for each. We have a broad understanding of environmental impacts and packaging from high humidity bathroom installed appliances to full under bonnet vehicle requirements. We have a wealth of application specific knowledge which can often be used across a wide range of disciplines and find we can add value to most projects from a very early stage, working closely with you to offer advice and alternative options which may not have been considered.

Smart Grid
EV Charging
Fuel Cells
Hybrid & Fully Electric Vehicles
Automotive & Traction Auxiliaries
Voltage Optimisation & Power Conditioning