Company Profile

Smart Power Solutions is based in Leeds in the UK and was founded in 2001 to provide a comprehensive electronics engineering service for all stages of a project from concept through to manufacture. We have a team of focused power electronics professionals with many years of experience in the switched mode power supply and motor drive industries. SPS specialises in custom intelligent power electronics systems for both static and rotating applications such as grid-tied inverters and motor drive systems. With a broad range of in-house expertise required for intelligent power electronics, we can also undertake a variety of electronics development work for many different applications.

To complement our design services, we have an in-house low volume manufacturing and prototyping facility specifically targeted at power applications. This can take on anything from PCB based lower power products through to high power module based stack or full system assembly work.

Our experience covers automotive, appliance, medical and industrial applications over an extremely wide range of powers from 1W to 500kW+. We work for a diverse range of customers from individual entrepreneurs to large multi-national companies. Whether you require a few hours input to a design review or a complete turnkey solution, we can help. We add the most value to a development when we are involved early on and work collaboratively with our customers. This approach has been very much appreciated and customers often benefit from our innovation and wide experience in unexpected ways.

We are well used to managing the transition from prototypes to manufacture by factoring in specific design for manufacture and test requirements at an early stage. This is true whether manufacture is to be carried out in-house or externally at a CEM on the other side of the world. All our work is carried out in the strictest confidence and any IPR generated is usually assigned to the customer.

Much of what we have worked on over the years is still highly confidential and will remain so. However, soon we will be publishing some testimonials on previous projects by kind permission of our customers.

We provide our customers with…

Custom power electronics for bespoke requirements
Choice of technology and feasibility studies
Optimisation of design for size, cost, efficiency, reliability etc.
Performance analysis, testing and validation
Full product development life cycle service
In-house low to medium volume manufacture of power products