BSI carry out ISO9001:2008 pre-assessment

As the next step to achieving ISO9001:2008, SPS have engaged the services of world renowned British Standards Institute (BSI) to carry out a “pre certification” audit of its existing Quality Management System. This was duly carried out with no issues found but just a few suggestions for improvement. These suggestions have been taken on board and minor changes made. BSI have now been fully engaged to carry out stage 1 and stage 2 external auditing with a view to achieving certification in Q1 2016.

ISO9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training

In anticipation of seeking certification to ISO9001:2008, two SPS staff have attended BSI’s internal auditor course which was held over two days in York. Both Alan Yarker (Production and Quality Manager) and Peter Moriarty (Principal R&D Engineer) found the course to be very helpful in providing a structured approach to auditing. It also allowed them to get some specific key questions answered by people who had clearly been auditing for many years. Having fully trained internal auditors was viewed as being the first key step to achieving certification which is targeted at Q1 16.


IPC-A-610 Certified Trainer

We are fortunate in having a very experienced production technician (Elizabeth Thewlis) who joined SPS in June 2012 having previously worked for many years in the power electronics industry. Liz had previously been trained to IPC-A-610 but her certification had lapsed. Given her experience it was an obvious decision to ask her to take the IPC-A-610 certified instructor course at Electronics Yorkshire so she could then instruct other members of staff. She duly completed the course in July 2015.